mixron MVB

High-Speed Turbo Mixer for Li-ion Battery Powder


High-Performance, efficiency
and technological innovation.

The mixron MVB mixer allows temperature-controlled mixing of Lithium Battery Powders.

The range includes mixers from 500 to 3,000 litres, all made of stainless steel to avoid any possible contamination.

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Mixing Vessel

All mixron MVB mixing vessels are completely coated to avoid any contact between the mixed material and metal surfacese:

  • No possible contamination
  • High-Resistance to abrasive materials
  • One or more outlet available
  • External liquid cooled jacket to avoid temperature increase

Mixing tools

Manufactured in a single seamless piece with variable thickness to ensure:

  • Higher mixing efficiency
  • Fully coated to ensure durability in continuous operations


A large variety of coatings is available to protect and improve the parts in contact with mixed materials:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Al2O3 APS
  • Resin Ceramic
  • Peek
  • ETFE

Air Purged Cleaning System on discharge device

  • Adjustable-double controlled air flow
  • Keep clean the plug seal to avoid any leakage from the vessel during the mixing cycle

Hinged discharge device for easy cleaning & inspection

  • Easy access to discharging device
  • Fully openable
  • Vessel plug completely accessible
  • Safe and easy cleaning operations



All mixron MVB mixers are equipped with a completely coated deflector to enhance vortex mixing:

  • Replaceable with easy assembling
  • Fully coated
  • Improve mixing quality
  • Reduce mixing time

Power transmission

Offers numerous advantages thanks to low-friction toothed belt and central lubrication:

  • No slippage with maximum power transfer
  • Less load on bearings
  • Belt replacement in 3 simple steps without dismantling the bearings
  • Lower frequency of belt tensioning
  • Bearings replaceable without disassembly the vessel
  • Compact overall dimensions facilitating replacement of existing mixer
  • Quick maintenance providing higher mixing performance



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