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High – Productivity Container Mixer

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High performance, efficiency
and technological innovation

Higher productivity with simultaneous operation of 2 containers.

Designed to maximise the efficiency of your production system. Thanks to its highly flexible design, the system easily adapts to any type of production layout.

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Container loading layouts

Discover a world of possibilities with mixron MFC’s modular design, which offers a variety of configurations for both single and double versions. Once the machine is in position, you can choose to place the bin at the front or side, making use of all available combinations to optimise your space.




left front – right side

Mixing solutions

Achieve optimal mixing with mixron MFC.
The mixing tool assembly consists of a lower blade that generates a dynamic vortex and an upper wing that optimises the dispersion of powders, guaranteeing optimum performance.


Same anguilar spedd V1=V2 using a single motor and a single axis of rotation.


Independent speeds V1≠V2 thanks to two separate motors and a dual coaxial rotation axis. In this case, the direction of rotation can also be different between the two tools.

Chopper V3

The efficient action of a chopper dissolves any lumps in the ingredients of your recipe.

Mixing Heads

Discover the range of mixing heads available for mixron MFC. You can opt for a flat-bottomed head, for extremely easy cleaning, or choose one with a concave bottom.

Flat-bottomed head

Head with concave bottom

The goals we care about most



Asset durability


and our solutions to achieve them

Multiple choice of mixing head

  • Flat or concave head
  • Heads interchangeable
  • One head can receive containers of different sizes


Innovative Head

Innovative mixing head with vertical and inclined positioning options:

  • During operation, the mixing head moves vertically, lowering the centre of gravity and providing a significant reduction of vibrations
  • The height of the heads can be easily adjusted for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • No ladders are needed to clean or maintain the mixer

Container guide

  • Robust and firmly anchored to the ground
  • The operator can position the container easily and always in the correct position
  • Indicator light confirms correct positioning of the container in real time

Container with guide pin

  • The extremely robust design of the pin and guide guarantee a longer service life for your container
  • The gap between pin and guide ensures smooth insertion and correct positioning of the container

Multiple choice of mixing head

  • Flat or concave head
  • Heads interchangeable
  • One head can receive containers of different sizes


Container seal

  • The seal located on the upper flange of the container guarantees a perfect tightness between mixing head and container

Dust suppression system

  • The integrated filter system prevents dust from being released when the container has been repositioned


Integrated electrical control panel

  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Wiring contained within the machine structure
  • Easy access for maintenance operations


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