High-speed Turbo Mixer for
PVC Dry-Blend
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High performance, efficiency
and technological innovation
The mixron MTP mixer enables temperature controlled mixing of PVC, additives and fillers for hard and soft dry-blend.

The range includes mixers from 400 to 2,500 litres, all manufactured from high-polish stainless steel to avoid contamination and minimise residue.
Our benefits
  • Mixing chamber
    mixron MTP is equipped with 3 outlets, one with a locking device, and two with fixed covers enabling:
    • Addition of a second and third discharge outlet without modification or replacement of the mixing chamber
    • Modification of the plant layout
    • Installation of a second cooling mixer
    • Managing intermediate outlets for cleaning or eliminating faulty batches
  • Rotating plug
    Unlike conventional turbo-mixers, the automatic discharging device with rotating plug guarantees a completely free material flow, resulting in:
    • Quicker discharge time
    • Less wear of contact surfaces
    • Low residue in the mixing chamber
  • Tangential discharge
    mixron MTP tangential outlets ease material discharge
    providing the following benefits:
    • Shortened discharge time
    • Lower wear of surfaces in contact with the product during discharge
    • Less residue inside the mixer
  • Discharge device
    The external casing can be fully opened by means of a quick coupling system allowing:
    • Easy access to even the most awkward areas
    • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Liquid injection
    All mixron MTP mixers are equipped with provision for a liquid injection device.
    • Liquid injector can be fitted at any time without any changes to the mixing chamber.
    Liquid wing injector enables:
    • Perfect liquid dispersion in the vortex
    • Higher friction during injection
    • Reduced mixing time
  • Power transmission
    Offers numerous advantages thanks to low-friction toothed belt and central lubrication:
    • No slippage with maximum power transfer
    • Less load on bearings
    • Belt replacement in 3 simple steps without dismantling the bearings
    • Lower frequency of belt tensioning
    • Bearings can be replaced without chamber disassembly
    • Compact overall dimensions facilitating replacement of existing mixer
    • Quick maintenance providing higher mixing performance
  • Mixing tools
    Manufactured in a single seamless piece with variable
    thickness to ensure:
    • Higher mixing efficiency
    • Longer life thanks to increased thickness in the areas most subject to wear
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