Cooling Mixer for PVC Dry-Blend
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Horizontal-shaft cooler, with forced cooling liquid circulation for both rigid and plasticised PVC dry-blend.
Alveolar recirculation cooling technology enables mixron MCP to lower the temperature of the product in an extremely short time while maintaining homogeneity and final quality of the mixture.

The range including machines from 1,600 to 10,500 litres is entirely manufactured from stainless steel to ensure high resistance to oxidation and corrosion and to guarantee durability
Our benefits
  • Inlet Spouts
    Each type has at least 3
    inlets as standard:
    • Main loading spout
    • Auxiliary loading spout
    • Spigot for connection of a filter unit
  • Outlet Spouts
    A pneumatically actuated
    flush chamber discharge
    spout is provided as standard:
    • Obtaining optimum mixing quality
    • Mixing and cooling all the material inside the mixing chamber
  • Mixing Chamber
    Entirely manufactured from heavy-duty stainless steel
    with low-roughness surface finish:
    • No product contamination
    • High service life
    • Low residue and easy cleaning
  • On-board
    All on-board equipment is fitted in closed compartments and protected from accidental impacts and/or tampering.
  • Scraper Blades
    Manufactured from heat-resistant material, they reduce the clearance between mixing tool and chamber:
    • Minimum residue and reduced cleaning time
  • Sampling Device
    Possible to check the quality of the product by taking a sample
    easily and at any time during operation:
    • Pre-equipment as standard allows retrofitting at any time
    • Reduced sampling time
    • Increased operator safety
  • Cooling Jacket
    mixron MCP is equipped with multiple cooling jackets with operating pressure of up to 3 bar and innovative alveolar recirculation technology:
    • Increased heat exchange efficiency
    • Reduced cooling time
  • Mixing Tools
    Ensure homogeneous mixing and effective distribution of the material on the cooling surfaces.

    Special head tools are supplied as standard, enabling the reduction
    of material build-up in the end zones of the mixing chamber.
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